inocle [in-uh-kuh l] noun-

  1. An Internet oculus, Internet window, or Internet glass. Example: Just as the invention of the telescope in the 17th century enabled early explorers and astronomers to “see things far away as if they were nearby”, the invention of the Internet glass, or inocle, in the 21st century enabled modern explorers and everyday citizens to “understand things nearby using knowledge from far away”. (sources: History of the Telescope article from, iGlass page of
  2. An eyeglass for the Internet, or Internet glass. Example: The embedded inocle streamed real-time data from the Internet directly to the user's eye.
  3. A compact optical display for exchanging information over the Internet, typically worn near the eye. Example:The tiny inocle provided an unexpectedly vast amount of screen real estate for managing personal and business information stored in the cloud.
  4. A wearable monocular system for capturing and sharing real-world experiences over the Internet. Example: By issuing voice commands to the inocle device in his smart glasses, the proud father was able to stream his daughter’s birthday party to faraway family members in real time with his hands free to serve cake and ice cream.
  5. An intelligent oculus, intelligent glass, or intelligent eyepiece.

plural noun (inocles)
  1. Glasses for the Internet, Internet glasses, or smart glasses. Example A: She wore dark jeans with a fuchsia tank top, silver inocles and comfortable flats to go hands-free bargain hunting with friends at the mall. Example B: While the primary purpose of traditional eyewear, such as monocles and glasses, is to help users see things more clearly, the central purpose of modern inocles is to help users understand things more clearly. Example C: Modern inocles represent an entirely new class of intelligent eyewear that amplify a user’s understanding of people, places, and things they encounter or experience throughout their day.
  2. Contact lenses for the Internet.
  3. A wearable binocular system for improving everyday experiences and human intelligence. Example A: To manage her busy schedule, she wore inocles every day of the week. Example B: To study for final exams, he wore his favorite pair of blue inocles nonstop for a week.
  4. Intelligent glasses or intelligent eyewear. Example: The cloud-connected social supermodel wore her favorite pink-framed inocles day and night to continuously learn more about her quarter-billion fans and followers on Instagram.

adjective (inocle, inocled)
  1. Related to or made of inocles. Example A: Inocle, or Internet glass, technology will usher in the next wave in modern computing by enabling consumers across the globe to easily use, affordably acquire, and rapidly adopt wearable AI devices and cloud services. Example B: Before her red carpet debut, the social supermodel asked her inocle assistant to suggest the best local boutique to buy a glamorous evening gown for the prestigious event. Example C: While shopping for a new electric car, the environmentally conscious social supermodel asked her ino assistant to explain Elon Musk's new master plan for Tesla and compare it to his original master plan. Example D: Before crafting a public response to an untoward comment from a prior-generation supermodel, the social supermodel asked her ino assistant to explain supermodel history. The AI assistant presented a unified theory of supermodels, which helped the social supermodel write a more fitting response and ultimately strengthen unity across supermodel generations. Example E: In preparation for a charity fund raising drive, the savvy social supermodel asked her ino AI assistant to estimate the total addressable advertising space on the back covers of the mobile phones in her social networking fan base. Example F: To help decide which AI assistant vendor to recommend to her quarter-billion fans on social media sites, the social supermodel asked her ino AI assistant to identify leading and prospective competitors in smartphones (Apple iPhone vs. Google Pixel), intelligent homes (Amazon Echo vs. Google Home), and intelligent eyewear (Snapchat Spectacles vs. Snapmashie Inocles) and predict the company most likely to offer the best AI assistant across smart hand-held, home-based, wearable consumer devices. Example G: The supermodel icon asked her AI assistants Ino Pink and Ino Red for shopping suggestions to achieve her New Year's resolutions to play more and dance more. Ino Pink recommended new spectacles while Ino Red suggested new shoes.The Ino AI assistants then visually summarized the shopping conversation using a multidimensional snap mashie story. Example H: The social supermodel asked her AI assistant Ino Red Heart Force to show her a simple example of a supermodel snap mashie story. Example I: A second social supermodel asked her AI assistant Ino Pink Force to show her a simple example of a fan remash of a supermodel story. Example J: The millennial country music fan asked her Ino AI voice assistant, “Who is the most famous social supermodel music icon?” Rather than responding using text or voice, AI assistant utilized its visual response capabilities to display an animated snap mashie story featuring Taylor Swift on the lenses of the music fan’s next-generation AR-equipped inocles (augmented reality Internet connected smart glasses). Example K: To share live video snaps of interesting style ideas with her millions of fans, the social supermodel asked her AI assistant Ino Purple Force to quickly help her find her way around a popular LA shopping mall in southern California.
  2. Wearing inocles. Example A: The inocled young mother held her baby, loaded groceries into her cart, and compared prices online, all at the same time without missing a beat. Example B: Inocled supermodel icons smashed all Internet viewership records by sharing a live goofy shake dance performance with fans around the world via the cloud.
  3. Possessing advanced abilities attributable to inocles. Example A: The inocled executive gave a flawless speech while moving freely about the stage. Example B: In the animated love story about a graceful supermodel snow princess icon with fair blonde hair, pale blue eyes, and ruby red lips falling in love with a charming young prince with dark hair, bold lips, and kind eyes, the inocled supermodel princess uses her magic snow powers to accidentally glance freeze and then gracefully unfreeze her frozen prince. Example C: The inocled knowledge worker managed the Internet of Things (IoT), including wearable things, mobile things, home things, and industrial things. Example D: Collaborating closely with her voice-controlled Ino assistant, the inocled heart surgeon made better, more personalized medical decisions, thereby speeding the benefit and diminishing the cost associated with DNA-based gene therapies for her most at-risk patients.

transitive verb (inocle, inocled, inocling, with object)
  1. To share something, especially a life experience, over the Internet using an inocle or inocles, typically with hands free for other tasks. Example: While hiking and biking across Europe, the newly married couple inocled breathtaking parts of their journey to friends and family members back home.
  2. To search for something on the Internet using an inocle or inocles. Example: By inocling the dress, she was able to quickly check prices offered by competitors online before checking out at the department store.

Note: The usage of the transitive verb inocling, or ino'ing for short, is conceptually similar to the usage of the transitive verb googling. However, the term googling may carry forward traditional connotations of manually typing and executing a search query on a traditional computing device. In contrast, because it is a new term, ino'ing carries forward no such connotations. It is an unencumbered term connoting hands-free operation of a modern wearable computing device. For a more detailed ino'ing example, see the section entitled Colloquial Usage of Inocle and Inocling on this page.

Graphical Illustrations of Inocles

Single-Display Inocles
- Defined as Internet glasses with a single compact optical display system.


Multi-Display Inocles - Defined as Internet glasses with two or more compact optical display systems.

For other Inocle graphical design concepts, see our Collection of precision crafted Internet glasses.

Data Flow Diagram for an Inocle Display

Real-time information flows bidirectionally between the inocle display module and a source or destination data repository or service over the Internet, as depicted in the diagram below.

Animated Characters Sporting Inocles

Inocle Man, or iMan- Defined as an inocled man, or a male wearing Internet glasses.

Inocle Woman, or iWoman - Defined as an inocled woman, or a female wearing Internet glasses.

For other Inocle People, or iPeople, wearing Internet glasses see Icons or Emoticons.

User Experience Diagram for Inocles

What exactly do users experience when they put on a pair of inocles, or Internet glasses?

First, inocles instantly access and display real
-time information, such as points of interest, location, temperature, and wind speed, which seamlessly augments the view of the surrounding environment, as shown in the Yosemite display below.

Second, inocles support live video communication, which enables loved ones, friends, and family members to join the adventure remotely, as shown in the Sharing display below.

And third, via simple voice commands, head gestures, and eye gestures, inocles empower users to easily control their experience without having to use their hands at all, as depicted by the simple totally-hands-free eye gesture above.

Usage Examples for Inocle, Inocles, Inocled, and Inocling

For English language usage examples of the word inocle, or glasses for the Internet, see Examples.

Colloquial Usage of Inocle and Inocling

The informal or colloquial form of the word inocle is ino [in-oh], especially when addressing an inocle voice interface. For example, an inocled user can simply say "Hello Ino" to wake or activate an inocle lamp, or "Ino Music" to ask the inocle to play music from one's collection in shuffle mode. For additional examples of the term ino, see the Vision section of this site.

The informal or colloquial form of the word inocling is ino'ing [in-oh ing], especially when used to search for something or share an experience via the Internet from a wearable smart device. For example, by ino'ing a desired item while shopping in a physical (offline) retail store, an inocled user can quickly take a picture of the item of interest via the inocle camera; utilize the captured picture of the item to execute an Internet search; and receive competitive price comparisons on the inocle display immediately.

This entire ino'ing process happens seamlessly without requiring the user to retrieve a mobile smartphone from a pocket or purse or manually type and execute a search query. The ino'ing process is also automatic. It begins when an inocled user holds a desired store item, such as a shirt or dress, in front of their inocles and simply says, "Ino Shirt" or "Ino Dress". Within a few seconds, price comparisons appear on the inocle display, allowing the user to quickly decide whether to a) purchase the item they are currently holding in their hands, b) negotiate a better deal with the store manager, or c) buy from a different offline or online store offering the same item for a better price.

Polymorphic Forms of Inocle as a Transitive Verb

As defined above, the term inocle can be used as a transitive verb with an object. For example, (a) to inocle a restaurant to see its menu, or (b) to inocle a sporting event in order to share it live with family and friends, where inocle takes on the meaning to search for something, and to share something, respectively.

Examples (a) and (b) demonstrate the polymorphic nature the term inocle when used as a transitive verb, as its meaning shifts based on the how the verb form is used in context.

See the Vision section for additional polymorphic forms of inocle.

Origin of Inocle

A portmanteau of the word Internet (in) + the Latin word for eye (oculus).

First Known Use of Inocle

First known word use: April 2009. First known character use: March 2013.

Inocle Usage Rights and Licensing

All literary, pictorial, and graphic works are designated as "free to use or share", subject to appropriate copyright reference. Copyright 2009-2019 . All rights reserved for commercial use.

Words Related to Inocle

monocle [mon-uh-kuh l] noun

  1. an eyeglass for one eye.
  2. a lens for correcting defective vision of one eye, held in position by the facial muscles.

binocle [bin-uh-kuh l] noun

  1. a dioptric telescope, fitted with two tubes joining, so as to enable a person to view an object with both eyes at once.
  2. a double-barreled field glass or an opera glass.

binocular [buh-nok-yuh-ler]


  1. usually, binoculars. Also called a pair of binoculars, prism binoculars.
  2. an optical device, providing good depth effect, for use with both eyes, consisting of two small telescopes fitted together side by side, each telescope having two prisms between the eyepiece and the objective for erecting the image.


  1. involving both eyes.
  2. having two eyes arranged to produce a stereoscopic vision.

Words that Rhyme with Inocle

  1. monocle
  2. binocle
  3. monachal
  4. chronicle
  5. canonical
  6. oracle

Trivia Questions Related to Inocle

Trivia Answer # 1: A transcription error often causes this six-letter Latin word meaning to dwell or to cultivate to be mistaken with the term inocle meaning intelligent eyewear or internet glass.

Trivia Question # 1: What is incole?

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Ino AI assistants include Ino Wink, Ino Fox, Ino Angel, Ino Snap, Ino Goofy Shake, Ino Music, Ino Princess, and Ino Voice.

Ino AI assistants also include Ino Pink, Purple, Heart, and Dark Force.

Ino AI assistants represent the first branded family of social supermodel artificial intelligence assistants.

Ino AI assistants live within inocles, or smart glasses.

Inocles comprise one or more inocle compact optical displays.

An inocle display may contain one or more Ino AI assistants.

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