Soon, men and women around the
world will be sporting inocles to access information instantly, capture and share life experiences, and learn about their surrounding environment.

Donning his new brushed-silver inocles, the architect toured the construction site hands-free from the encumbrance of traditional blueprints.

inocled mom reviewed her grocery list with the latest updates from her refrigerator, while simultaneously holding her newborn baby and loading food items into her shopping cart.

inocling the restaurant while walking down the street, the college student was able to peruse the menu, check reviews, estimate costs, make a reservation, and send a map to his friends.

Before sitting down to dinner with her new date, she quickly inocled him in real time using the inocle's facial recognition capabilities.

inocling the football game in real time, the high school student was able to track statistics, identify key players on the field, post comments to other sports fans, and share the live action with his dad at home.

By inocling the birthday party in real time, the proud mother was able to sing happy birthday to her daughter, cut the cake, help open gifts, and stream live video of all the fun to grandmother across the country.

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